About RJ


My name is R J Woolsey. I used to race motorbikes all over Ireland and have won 4 Irish Championships. I retired after the birth of my first child. Then I moved to a new interest of music and started to learn how to play the guitar.

From then I quickly received an X Factor ITV 1 appearance getting from 15,000 to the final 40 for the TV series. That was a great experience for me along with meeting Simon Cowell, Lewis Walsh, Sheryl Cole and Danni Minogue.

I returned home and started to write an album called Fast Furious but later changed it to Fast Freedom. This album is all about Motor Cycle Road Racing which has now been produced with copyright clearance and ready for promotion with an agreement with DUKE Marketing. All the songs have been written by myself with all the profits going to the ‘Injured Riders Welfare Fund‘. A charity evaluated by the Motorcycle Union of Ireland.

X-Factor and Britains Got Talent

R J Woolsey first started singing five years ago and passed stage 4 in 2009 series of X Factor where he received a television appearance, getting from 15,000 applications to the final 40. He then was given a pass from Talkback Thames TV to appear once again on Britain’s Got Talent 6 months later, were he received another television appearance, one of only a few auditionees to receive TV appearances from both shows.

He came back to record his own rock album of 11 new songs, which his material was found and later contracted to Duke Marketing for various sports DVD’s around the UK.

After the contract was sealed, he decided to form a band promoting music from the 1980’s which would be live versions of what he achieved, singing at X-Factor, with his impersonations praised by Simon Cowell, saying “your Freddie Mercury was perfect, but you’re at the wrong show man!”. This rock show has 5 tribute acts in 1, U2, Dire Straits, Queen, Bruce Springsteen and Meatloaf. With R J dressing up as the artists, acting as they did on stage, impersonating their voices with a live 7 piece band, this will be the closest you will ever feel to the 80’s.